From the Dark

The world of Darilan fell into darkness hundreds of years ago. The curse spread throughout the land. Nations fell. Now madmen rule the night. Demons rule the day. And the dead cover the land.

With the darkness came the mists. Many champions have entered the mists. What is there to find within? Monsters? Riches? Madness? Death? Nobody knows for none have returned.

As the curse spreads through the remaining lands of the living, a new group of champions enter the mists. They don’t enter at the newly fallen countries of Effandria or Hagdan. They journey instead to the nearly forgotten kingdom of Mollentia, where the darkness first appeared and the curse is strongest.

Do these champions have what is needed? To rid this dying world of its curse? To fight back against the evil? To stand up against the things that come from the dark?

From the Dark

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