All characters, both PCs and NPCs, can enter into covenants. A covenant is a dedication to an ideal. Characters can only belong to a single covenant at a time.

Covenants are unrelated to worship. Though it may make sense for someone worshiping a water deity to belong to a water covenant, this is not required.

Belonging to a covenant grants a basic boon. The initial boons aren’t powerful, but strengthening one’s connection to a covenant unlocks greater abilities. Sometimes covenants provide other rewards as well, but that’s up to the players to discover. Belonging to a covenant may affect how other characters interact with you.

Characters may leave a covenant at any time, but joining usually must be done at a specific location or by talking to a specific character. Leaving or switching covenant does not eliminate ranks achieved, so upon rejoining a covenant, characters immediately receive the powers they unlocked.

Example: PC joins Fire Covenant and unlocks the first two powers: burning hands, and fireball. PC leaves Fire and joins Water Covenant, earning Hydraulic Push. Later, they decide to rejoin fire and immediately earns both powers back.

The list of covenants is unknown to starting characters.

Warning: It is possible to make it impossible to join or increase rank in a covenant. Since some covenants are joined only by speaking with a specific NPC, if that NPC is killed by the PCs or dies as a result of the PCs’ actions,


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