Fetchlings are a rare breed. Several hundred years ago, the Royal Academy of Magic in Effandria resolved to slow the progress of the mists. They knew traveling within would be madness. But as the mists have tendrils of darkness throughout the world, they tapped into one. They sought not to harness its powers, nor to break the curse. They only sought to slow it, by accepting the curse into themselves.

Their plan may or may not have worked. The spread of the curse is unclear. But the entire academy was infused with shadow, including all its inhabitants. They became the first fetchlings.

The people of Effandria were thankful for their efforts, but all agreed that interbreeding should not occur. But they people of the Academy still found love, in each other. And then fetchling lines continued. Effandria is now gone and fetchlings have spread to other nations, even breeding with normal humans. The product of such a pairing is always another fetchling.

Many fetchlings now merely want to live their lives. But there are some that share the interests of their ancestors. They want to fight the curse, but this time from within. Some are stricken with wanderlust. And others embrace their shadowy heritage, becoming some of the world’s best assassins.


From the Dark gafrich