Teleportation is distorted in this campaign. Teleporting to an area you haven’t witnessed firsthand is almost always doomed to failure. Even simply trying to cross onto the other side of a thin wall may not work. This limitation applies to all manner of teleportation from spells to innate creature abilities.

Planar Travel

There is no planar travel in this campaign. The whole campaign takes place in one enclosed area. The planes are out there, but are not the realm of study of most people, since it inevitably leads to darkness and destruction.


Summoning magic produces a temporary copy of a real creature. It bares no memories of its real self, but still possesses all its abilities. The real creature has no knowledge of being copied.


Calling creatures is rare, but possible. It works like normal, but the true home of many “outsiders” is not clear in this world. Some are on the planes, some in this world, some from a parallel dimension, some from the imagination of a lunatic. Calling magic finds the creature that the caster wants, even if the caster knows very little about the creature’s true nature or origins.

Healing and restorative magic

This magic works as normal, despite the curse placed upon the people of this land.

Resurrection magic

Resurrection magic does not work normally in this land. NPCs that are lost are typically lost forever. Another mechanic is available for PCs that die.


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