Magic Items

Soul Box

The most important item. A small box, 1 inch cubed. It’s usually made from burned wood from a tree at least 500 years old and bound with metal from a melted holy symbol of a true believer. Worthless in the outside world, only a fool would be without one in Mollentia. A Soul Box can hold soul energy which acts as currency in this world. Soul energy is written as SE on this wiki and it is a one-for-one replacement for GP from normal Pathfinder. SE is gained when near the death of any creature. SE can be transferred by holding two boxes together when both owners agree to an exchange. If unattended, SE can be taken from any box. Therefore, Soul Boxes are almost always worn as bracelets or necklaces underneath clothing. Though that is little protection from an experienced burglar, thefts are rare. Legends say the unjust theft of a Soul Box marks you with a black cross on your skin, branding you as a sacrifice to some unholy reaper.

Little is known of who came up with Soul Boxes. Those who create them don’t know how they do it. They know the materials required and the process for construction. No spells are cast. Once the process is complete, the Soul Box becomes active, as if it was granted life by some unseen force.

Merchant’s Soul Box

A merchant’s Soul Box is very different. They vary in size and design, though all are a variation of colored wood and rare metals. They are typically between 5 inches and 12 inches cube. A merchant can store their SE within the box as normal. But they can also store all of their wares as well. The process is unknown to those who don’t have a box and each box is keyed to a specific merchant. Killing a merchant or stealing their box isn’t sufficient to get access to their inventory. The inventory is simply lost, destroyed, or claimed by some unknown power. Killing a merchant does grant a small amount of soul energy and access to any of their property not currently in their Soul Box. But you will forever be unable to gain access to their inventory.

Magic Items

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