Tehla - Goddess of the Sun

Tehla (pronounced “tay-lah”) is believed to have once been one of two twins along with Rasha, goddess of the moon. They walked the land, ever in darkness, but never apart.

The love of the two siblings was strong. Nothing could separate them. But one day, Ithys sought them out. For who were these twins but another great mystery? Their love confused her. Ever in darkness, why wouldn’t they want to see other?

Tehla and Rasha never considered it. Rasha insisted the darkness was fine, for they had each other and they could always find their way together. But Ithys was persistent. She convinced Tehla that seeing her brother would be a wonderful miracle. And from Tehla burst unimaginable light, warm and beautiful.

Rasha felt betrayed. He turned his back to her sister, not wishing to see her. They drifted apart, never again ever to find the trust they once shared.

But even now, with their grudge still standing, Rasha shares Tehla’s light with the world when things are at their darkest.

Tehla - Goddess of the Sun

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