Role: Clerics do not worship a deity. Clerics, as with anybody, can worship, revere, or fear any deity or deities. The source of a cleric’s powers are not always clear and most clerics believe their power comes from divine power of some kind. But in all ways, treat clerics in this campaign as clerics of a philosophy.

Aura (Ex): Clerics do not get this ability.

Spells: There are no alignment restrictions on spells. Clerics should not cast spells opposed to their philosophy. They can do so, but it is considered sinful.

Channel Energy (Su): There is no alignment restriction on choosing positive or negative energy.

Domains: All clerics are clerics of a philosophy so they choose their domains. They should not choose two opposing alignment domains.

Ex-Clerics: There is no such thing as an ex-cleric in this campaign. But others, especially those of your faith, may view you as quite sinful based on upon your actions.


Alignment: There are no alignments in this campaign and thus no alignment restrictions.

Aura of Good (Ex): A paladin appears to shine with golden light to somebody under the effect of a detect good spell.

Detect Evil (Sp): The move action version of this ability simply lets the paladin know if the target is valid for Smite Evil. The rest of the ability is modified as the detect evil spell is.

Smite Evil (Su): Any creature that has evil intent is a valid target for Smite Evil. In this campaign, that means almost every enemy. This won’t work on many NPCs, monsters that are out to redeem themselves, or characters acting evil because of insanity. Detect Evil (Sp) is the surefire way to know of a valid target.

Divine Bond (Su): Axiomatic is not a valid choice. If a paladin’s mount dies, he may summon a new one at any time. Because suitable mounts are difficult to find in Mollentia, this requires an in-game ritual.

Aura of Faith (Su): This is replaced by the Shining Light ability of the Warrior of Holy Light archetype

Aura of Righteousness (Su): A paladin gains DR 3/- instead of DR 5/evil.

Holy Champion (Su): DR increases to DR 6/-. Banishment ability is replaced with dimensional anchor.

Code of Conduct: No alignment requirement. But otherwise, a paladin in this campaign should act like a paladin in any other.

Associates: A paladin can associate with anyone, but they should believe they have good intentions.

Ex-Paladins: There are no ex-paladins in this campaign. Instead, upon breaking your code, others always know you are evil and not trustworthy. You will need to find a way of removing your sin to go back to normal.


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