It is believed that some elves saw the coming darkness. In their hubris, they thought they could stand against it. Among them were many of the most powerful elves, the strongest leaders. But not all in the group had such strong wills. There was a weakness. And the darkness found it, corrupting them all.

Their skin showed the ash and darkness of their souls. And their fear made them flee from the mist. They found the most hidden corners of the world and hid, madness filling their minds with evil thoughts.

It is not known how much of the legend is true, but the drow have been around for centuries, hiding just outside of civilization. Even they don’t remember back far enough. The fabled madness of the drow has either faded with time or never existed in the first place. They have similar mindsets to normal elves, but most still shy away from the world.

Some drow have joined the world, but they are among the least trusted of all the races. Many, especially elves, believe them to be the origin of the curse, or at least heavily involved in its creation. As a result, those drow that do enter the world find their only solace to be the mists and the chance to undo what was once done.


From the Dark gafrich